26 March, 2014

topshop nails: boy next door

topshop nails boy next door
Ever since Essie's Mint Candy Apple release in 2009, the mint green/blue trend has been going strong. I've wanted to carry that colour on my nails for as long as I've been into painting my nails, but shelling out $24 for a bottle of nail lacquer isn't something I'd like to do. Then I saw this beautiful shade while (casually) browsing at Topshop and just knew I had take this baby home with me.

Topshop's Boy Next Door ($15) is something I didn't intend on purchasing, yet it seemed like the right thing to do. The packaging is sleek, super cute, and fits nicely amongst the few polishes that I have. With 8ml of product, it's smaller than OPI (15ml) and Essie (13.5ml); accompanied with a cheaper price tag. I prefer it this way; because finishing a bottle of nail polish before it becomes too thick and goopy seems virtually impossible. (On the other hand, it's tempting me to buy more...)

Based on swatches online, Mint Candy Apple falls right in between green and blue, and can gravitate towards either shade depending on the wearer's skin tone. Boy New Door however, is definitely a duck egg blue. (Excuse the wrinkly hand above; it's an Asian gene thing). The consistency is thinner than OPI polishes, and this took about three coats for a complete opaque finish. I am super impressed with the formula; it took no time at all to dry between coats, and I was able to get back to my usual activities within 1.5 hours of painting my nails. That might sound like a long time, but I've had experiences where my polish would dent after many hours of careful handling. Not cool. I'm on day three and the tips only just started wearing off. 

This looks amazing on the toes during spring/summer, and I'm really hoping the weather stays warm enough for me to continue rocking these brighter shades. Oh autumn, please be good to me... 


  1. I love Topshop nail polishes and this shade looks gorgeous, perfect for spring!
    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Indeed! I live in New Zealand so it's autumn at the moment, but that's not stopping me ;) thanks for stopping by x