17 April, 2014

revlon nail enamel: #570 vixen

revlon nail enamel vixen
As we're well into autumn (the recent weather is certainly making a point), I decided to get into the mood, and pulled out the darkest nail polish I have in my collection (besides black): Revlon's nail enamel in #570 Vixen. This caught my interest when Lily Pebbles mentioned it in her 2013 Beauty Favourites video. I purchased this on a recent vacation to Macau, and it was about 25 MOP on sale at Sasa (converts to about $4 in New Zealand). 

The polish is a deep vampy burgundy; often compared to Chanel's Rouge Noir. It translates much darker on the nail compared to the bottle, and requires 2-3 coats to be completely opaque. Two coats were used in the photo above, but my right hand took three coats as the first layer was a bit thin and streaky. The finish is gel-like and glossy enough on its own, but I always recommend applying a top coat for some extra shine and to prolong wear time. My manicure (trying to sound professional...) lasted about two days before the tips started to wear off, and started chipping by day three without a the use of a top coat. The staying power isn't the greatest, but the shade is so beautiful that I'm willing to look past that. I haven't tried Chanel's classic shade to compare, but a few dollars for an almost exact dupe? I don't think I'll need to...

The problem with dark nails is that you need to be precise in perfecting the edges, and it can really emphasis your nail size (though this is only an issue if you have wide nails like mine). A little trick I like to do is to leave a gap between the polish and the very edge of my nail (I tend to leave a much wider gap on my thumbnails as I dislike the shape of them). No one will know unless they really examine up close! 

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